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Our Mission.....to breed classy hunting companions that are calm, healthy, possess a strong desire to hunt, and are a pleasure to have in the home.  Come take a look inside and see what we have to offer.    

Tall Grass Gordon Setters

"Tallgrass Pistol Pete, photo taken by Benny Gettinger"

Our Gordon Setters are field bred Gordon’s that are used to hunt Chukar, Pheasants, Huns, Prairie grouse, Woodland grouse and Quail. These dogs have a medium range that is ideal for the foot hunter.


 Tallgrass Gordon Setters - water bottle
I've been testing these water bottles this fall and they are just what a bird dog guy needs to carry water around.

The squeeze-to-drink option provides a more sanitary way of drinking- no contact with your hands or mouth on the spout is required! Your dog can't close the spout when he/she drinks.

The clear stripe and ounce measurements on the side provide a simple way to see how much fluid you have and when it’s time to refill.
This BPA-free sport bottle is made from #2 plastic, which can be recycled in most areas; check locally for more information.
Made in the USA!
Size: 24 oz
Pricing varies by quantity: $8.50 for 1, $15.00 for 2 and $21.50 for 3.
Click here to email us at loy_98@msn.com

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