Our Mission…..to breed classy hunting companions that are calm, healthy, possess a strong desire to hunt, and are a pleasure to have in the home.  Come take a look inside and see what we have to offer.    

  Our Gordon Setters are field bred, bred for the purpose of excelling in the field.  They are used to hunt Chukar, Pheasants, Huns, Prairie grouse, Woodland grouse and Quail. I mostly hunt Hungarian Partridge and the country I hunt is very big.  I need a dog to cover the ground and these dogs do that.  I hunt on foot and the dogs set their range accordingly to the cover and  always check in. 

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The headlining photo is of Breezwood Clea Clarence Rutherford.   Clarence is owned and was photographed by Bill Schaefer of Pocatello Idaho.

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