Stud Dogs


Tallgrass Pistol Pete, “Pete”

Pete, born Oct 2008, is from an outcross breeding between Amazing Ace and Taran’s Tallgrass Samie. Ace is an excellent bird dog that did it all at an early age, He is line bred to Springset Ice Hot with a Coefficient of Inbreeding (COI) of 22. Samie has earned her AKC Junior Hunter title and a NAVHDA Natural Ability Prize III, she is a biddable bird finding machine. Pete has a low COI, lot of style, point, desire, good colors, tight feet, good teeth, close straight field coat, nice high tail set. Pete is independent enough to range 300 to 600 yards and sometimes more in the search for birds, and very biddable, always keeping an eye out on my whereabouts.  He took to his training quickly and at an early age.  His hips have been scored by OFA and rated “Good”  And Penn Hip rates him as better than 90% of the other Gordon Setters scored.  As a young dog he was naturally staunch on point, waiting until the bird is flushed by the handler, producing birds for the gun early in life. He weighs 60lbs +/-.  His previous litters have produced puppies that are good companions, started young, shown lots of style on point and have lots of desire to find birds.  Contact me if you’re interested in Stud service.

Pete’s Pedigree:

'03 NFC / FC / AFC Gunsmoke Rising
Falcons To the Extreme
Amazing Ace
NAFC FC AFC Ice Hot’s Cobb
LeSueur River Vera
Chaparral BangZ Rip Roarin’
Tallgrass Pistol Pete, OFA "Good", COI 6.779%
Lord Bo of Courtly, OFA “Good”
Lord Cole of Huntly, OFA “Good”
Wild River Chase, OFA “Good”
Taran’s Tallgrass Samie, NA III, JH, OFA “Good”
Up North Sky
Taran’s Bela Star, OFA “Good”
Up North Tara’s Jet

Tyree One Big Boy, “Tyree”

Tyree was born Feb 2013, and is from an outcross breeding.  Tyree is a very good hunting dog with a great nose.  He has a lot of style on point as you can see in the photo of him.  Tyree is a calm companion in the house and driven when out for birds.  On a hunt with Tyree I noted that his range could reach out 400 to 600 yards or more in search of birds.  Tyree is a healthy happy dog, and good with other animals and kids.

Tyree is owned by Craig Dinsdale.  Craig and Tyree live in the Salt lake, UT area.  If interested send me an email and I’ll forward it to Craig.


Tyree’s Pedigree:

'03 NFC / FC / AFC Gunsmoke Rising
NFC NAFC FC AFC Par's Falcon On The Prowl
Falcons To the Extreme
FC Par's Ryder Cap
FC AFC Locust Hill Chocolate Chip
Mac's Tartan Locust Hill Rose
Milomix Tip
Tyree One Big Boy
Amazing Ace
Tallgrass Pistol Pete
Taran's Tallgrass Samie, N/A III, JH
Tallgrass Lucy Magic
FC Rice Creek's Jesse James
Whiskey River B Magic
Tomar's Wild Rose

Breezwood Clea Clarence Rutherford, “Clarence”

Clarence was born April 2016, and is a product of line breeding, his COI is 14.147%.  Clarence is OFA’d “Fair”.  He is an excellent field dog as well as a calm house dog.  As you can see here he has a lot style on point, high on both ends.  He has been bred a couple times and his pups are stylish on point, very birdy in the field and are very calm in the house.  He weighs approximately 5o lbs and stands 24″ at the shoulder.  He is shown here in his natural coat pointing Hungarian Partridge.  Clarence is a healthy happy dog.

Clarence is owned by Bill Schaefer and lives in Pocatello Idaho.   If interested in breeding to Clarence send me an email and I’ll forward it to Bill.


Clarence’s Pedigree:

Amazing Ace,
COI 22.406%
Tallgrass Pistol Pete, COI 6.779%
Taran's Tallgrass Samie, NA III, JH, COI 5.022%
Black Butte Porter,
COI 6.255%
FC Rice Creek Jesse James, COI 19.121%
Whiskey River B Magic, COI 1.715%
Tomar Wild Rose, COI 17.699%
Breezwood Clea Clarence Rutherford, OFA "Fair"
COI 14.147%
Trapshooter, COI 10.009%
Amazing Ace, COI 22.406%
LeSueur River Vera, COI 21.156%
Breezwood Clea Alexandria Pocatello,
COI 8.754%
DCH. AFC Chaparral XLO Rater XL Lent MH, COI 9.779%
Clearcut Miss Kate, COI 3.974%
Clearcut Highplains Drifter, COI 9.799%